Human male cleric, head of Bahamut's Will


Member of Bahamut’s Glorious Host and head of the Bahamut’s Will faction in Gardmore Abbey. Close friend to Mortanver until the conflict at the Abbey drove them to violent confrontation.

Learned of a powerful tome beneath Gardmore Abbey while studying records of the old Nerathan empire. Shared this information with Mortanver, and went with his fried to recover the tome and use it to bolster the Host’s efforts. Learned of the lengths the Nerathans took to ensure that the tome was not disturbed, and concluded that it was malign. Attempted to convince Mortanver to leave the tome in place, with no success. Tensions rose to the point of open conflict between the former friends before the party arrived.

Requested that the party retrieve the tome beneath the Abbey and destroy it to end its corrupting influence.


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