Female goliath fighter


A goliath warrior whose village was completely destroyed when she was a child. She escaped the devasation and wandered for weeks before finding a dwarven encampment that took her in and raised her. She has always held great respect for the dwarves, and used her strength to benefit her new people as best she could. She found that she was most useful when danger arose, and quickly found herself pursuing a martial education.

She was sent out from her home to investigate a group of slavers, and was found by the party in the hands of those same slavers after being caught while trying to spy on them. In gratitude for her freedom, Nyla agreed to work with the party against the slavers. In time she became a full member of the party.

The only living person who has owned Corybant. She laments its loss to this day and will forever.

Reluctant and absent (as often as possible) ruler of Hammerfast.


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