The Death's Dance Weapon

weapon (melee)

An artifact that delights in battle, the more frenzied the better. There is no established description of Corybant, as the weapon changes its form with each new owner. Corybant’s focus on martial battle is such that it will channel its energies to incite its owner into melee combat, even if its owner would normally like nothing more than to stay far away from battle.

Mages who wield Corybant find themselves able to channel their magical power directly into Corybant, discharging the energy of a magic missile, lightning bolt, or any other spell with each hit. Ranged combatants find they are more effective in melee than they have ever been with their distance weapons. Melee combatants are already in sync with the weapon, so they adjust easily to their new prowess in combat.

The tragedy of Corybant is that, for all the power it possesses, it is always in search of greater glory. As a result, the weapon will often move on once it has overcome a powerful foe with its current owner, in order to seek an even greater challenge. The adventurer so abandoned (as most adventurers who’ve wielded an artifact can attest) is left longing for a weapon that will never return; Corybant has never in documented history returned to the hand of one who has wielded it in the past.

The weapon’s whereabouts are currently unknown. It was last seen in the possession of the goliath Nyla, who used it to help slay Paldemar and banish the Eye of Vecna from this plane.


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