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  • Dram

    A bard originally recruited to help deal with strange happenings in Winterhaven. Has been with the party since their first adventure. Recently named ruler of Fallcrest after his and his comrades' heroic actions saved the Markelhay family and the …

  • Lady Allande Markelhay

    Former adventuring wizard and wife to Faren Markelhay. She is currently splitting her time assisting her husband in his duties as Dram's seneschal and working with Irulan to find and train recruits for the reformation of the Mages of Saru'un.

  • Lord Faren Markelhay

    Former adventurer and former ruler of Fallcrest. Devastated by the losses inflicted upon his family and the city in an assassination attempt directed against his entire family, which resulted in the deaths of his youngest two sons and the crippling of a …

  • Serim Selduzar

    A tiefling noble living in Fallcrest who plotted to kill Lord Markelhay and his family. He managed to kill two of the Markelhay children, but his plot was foiled by the party. He claimed someone named Osternath had lied to him as he died.